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Ad aprile 2018 due spettacoli teatrali sull'ambiente: Storie naturali, sabato 7 aprile, ore 21 e Le sette vite di Eva, sabato 14 aprile, ore 21

Sci Fi story: the passenger

Well, I have a problem with the system.

Your name?

It's a mess, look, I think I’m going to be crazy...

Meanwhile, if you want to tell me your name...

You know? I was one of the first to join the “total connection”. I suddenly thought it was a brilliant idea. Connecting all the machines used by us, from the mobile phone, of course, to the microwave oven, through the electric razor and the air conditioner...

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Alessandro GhebreigziabiherAlessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Scrittore, drammaturgo, narratore, attore e regista teatrale.
Author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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