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Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, writer of fiction, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director, was born in Naples in 1968 and currently lives in Rome.

Since 1994 he conducted workshops and experiential laboratories on theatre, storytelling and social animation in clinical and therapeutic institutions, as drug addiction rehabilitation and mental health communities, as well as in several conferences on education subjects offered to professionals.
He has a degree in Information theory and from 1994 to 2002 attended meetings on managing and leading a group by the psychoanalyst Harold Bridger (founding member of the Tavistock Institute).
His first book, Sunset (Italian edition, Lapis, 2002, Tempesta Editore, 2017), in 2003 was selected by the International Youth Library (IYL), in Munich, Germany, for the White Ravens, a mention for books from around the world that they consider to be especially noteworthy.
Italian short stories, a dual language book (bilingual Italian-English), Climate change stories, a dual language book English and Italian for all ages: True short stories about global warming effects, Stories of diversity (also dual language version bilingual Italian-English) and Multicultural stories for kids are English editions ebooks, also available in Paperback (Amazon Media, 2017).
Here are other works, all italian editions:
2006 Young world, collection of short stories (Editrice La Ginestra)
2006 The poet, the saint and the navigator, novel (Fermento Editore)
2007 The cosmopolitan trunk, collection of short stories (Editrice La Ginestra)
2008 Between earth and water, illustrated novel (Zampanera Editore)
2008 The interval, novel (Intermezzi Editore)
2012 Jair, the sound is life, Ebook novel
2013 The gift of diversity, short stories (Tempesta Editore)
2013 Different loves, short stories (Tempesta Editore)
2014 Kids stuff, short stories (Tempesta Editore)
2015 The hoax of the migrants, novel (Tempesta Editore)
2016 Elisa and the wonderful world of objects, novel (Tempesta Editore)
2017 Sunset, the story of Dark and Light's son, new edition, short story, Picture Book, (Tempesta Editore)
2017 Intercultural stories for kids, Fairy tales from the world to know and recognize yourself, collection of stories (Ebook, Amazon Media).
2017 The king of the forest, series Intercultural stories for kids, fairy tale (Ebook, Amazon Media).
2017 How to explain with stories, collection of stories to make the modern life's simple for kids (Ebook, Amazon Media)
2017 Carla without Us, novel (Graphofeel Editions)
Many of his works have been published in various literary and cultural magazines.
He told his stories all over the country:
2004: Literature Festival Evocamondi, El-Ghibli, Bologna.
2005: Literature Festival “Afro-Italian Voices”, Rome.
2005: Fourth Edition of the National Meeting Culture and literature of migration, Ferrara.
2005: Literature Festival “Intersection of the roads”, Bologna.
2009: Third National Seminar for Intercultural Education, Senigallia.
2010: International Symposium, "Identities, gender and in-equalities", Trieste.
2012: Migrant Ideas, Pigorini Museum, Rome.
2013: Festival "Theatre of people, interculture on stage", Palermo.
2014: Festival of People, Chieti.
2016: 15° National Meeting World Culture and Literature, Ferrara
He is coordinator of the international storytelling network Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos and member of Professional Storyteller.
In 2005 he created the Theatre Storytelling Laboratory, becoming artistic director of the Italy Theatre Storytelling Festival, “The gift of diversity.
In 2016 he founded the international network of narrators Storytellers for Peace.
Since 2009 you can read his Blog and watch clips on his Youtube Channel, where he creates stories inspired by news gathered in the press, with the following motto: If news is often false, we have to read stories.
In 2018, on the occasion of the blog's tenth anniversary, Stories and News became a kind of network, connected with as many websites, each one dedicated to a specific category of stories inspired by real events. 
Alessandro GhebreigziabiherAlessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Scrittore, drammaturgo, narratore, attore e regista teatrale.
Author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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