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Sci fi short story: without words

In the future, hopefully far...

“What’s up, Mary?”
“Finally! What were you doing?”
“Nothing... yes, I know that you’re using that stuff to watch gir...”
“What does Daddy see in that thing?”
“Nothing, Lisa, really nothing, darling.”
“Okay, can you tell me why you called me?”
“I called you because I cannot connect with mom and dad, I wanted to inform them of the news, sending the ultrasound, talking...”
“What is the ultrasound, Mommy?”
“Your brother's photo, what the hel...”
“Sorry, sorry, it’s the pregnancy stress, okay? I didn’t want it, we had been waiting this birth for a long time, now, I wasn’t hoping for it anymore. And then your daughter wants to learn the whole dictionary...”
“Mommy, could you avoid talking about me as if I weren’t here?”
“And she talks me back too...”

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