Love story about loneliness in the future

As I said, I went to one of those new clubs that opened out of town...
You’re such an idiot, John!
How can you allow him to insult you like that?
I told you to shut up, fuck!
Don’t be rude, unless you're one of those who like rough love. In this regard, I immediately tell you that with me it doesn’t work, Johnny honey.
Please, doctor, help me, she never stop talking... and never sleeps too!
Tell me what happened, John.
Simple, doctor, as you well know, it’s at least ten years since the last human being connected to the neighbor has been isolated. From that moment, each one of us lives in his own head, literally, protected from it, I would add. Absolute peace reigns on earth, because we are all immersed in a world where we are what we want and all the people we share time with are nothing more than digitalized versions of those we would like by our side, which we consider capable of making us happy...

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