Short story: S P A M

Anyway, listen to this, I’ve got the same many times. Apparently this time the number is little, only eight hundred thousand dollars. You know? With all the debts we’ve done, it would be a godsend…
You have done, Paul, not we. It’s you who wanted to buy the new car and you wanted the air conditioners in every room and you wanted...
I see, you don’t need to stress it all the time. Look what it says more… it talks about a woman, my dead relative… she is deceased in Ukraine. Once retired, she received the aforementioned donation from a wealthy landowner from whom he had worked as a caregiver in his later years. Being in advanced age with a frail health, she hasn’t affected the money at all.
Parsimonious, the old woman, unlike others…
What do you imply with that?

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