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Ispirational story of brave women: Marielle Franco

The story of one, the stories of all.
Of women and men, of all ages and other trifles, such as skin color and orientation, geographical and historical location.
Whether you are standing, with due respect, or sitting, with equally dismay, or with all the indifference of the world before the umpteenth cancellation of the best character from the common story, the substance of the latter remains unchanged.
Count, use the numbers, if you prefer, play the card of concreteness.
On the podium the ever-first born is often applauded, come to the world not only already with the shirt on, but also cleaned and ironed according to current fashion.
Also count the vast majority of medals he has got on the public square by violent popular approval.
Count even the votes on the name of the smart wrongdoer, everytime capable of being followed up in the ravine by the anesthetized consciousness rats.
Well, for how many pacts the hate sellers might deal with the latter, they will never be able to fill that same square without buying it.

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