Lucky immigrants

Yes they are, no doubt on this.
In countries where you least suppose that, if you ended here, a bit of words from wholeness and, more than all, thought foundation.
Ten thousand migrants from all over the earth moved last year to Australia, a record place for the ranking.
With no complaint, on the old-style as web common square. With just as much cool mood, in the US nine thousand foreigners miraculously became citizens with a abrupt, uncommon wand’s hit, the striking and soundless kind, which sheens and reverberates only in high-class settings, where trusting for a better horizon costs so little to be just wanting…

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Alessandro GhebreigziabiherAlessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Scrittore, drammaturgo, narratore, attore e regista teatrale.
Author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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